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Strength Training

Some of the styles of training I have utilized with my clients based on need include, but are not limited to: Linear progression, concurrent, conjugate, triphasic training, block periodization, 5-3-1, and many more.

Muscle Building

Hypertrophy training revolves around the principles of muscle degradation (breakdown), metabolic stress, and mechanical tension. Utilizing super sets, drops sets, bands chains, machines, barbells, body weight movements, and much more.

GPP & Conditioning

A wider base makes a stronger pyramid. That is what GPP is to all sports, but all GPP is not the same for every sport, but why? Since every sport has different requirements, the training for them must be adjusted accordingly.

All Sessions Paid Up Front

Personal Training


1- $65 per session ($75 for non-members)


3- $60 per session ($70 for non-members)


6- $55 per session ($65 for non-members)


12- $50 per session ($60 for non-members)

How Bad Do You Want It?

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Client Testimonials

“I’ve been coached by Christian Anto for about one year at Illiana Power Asylum. In this past year I’ve had the most growth as a strength athlete then in previous years. Hes coached me through two powerlifting meets. In this year I’ve made personal records at meets, and in the gym. I believe because of his impeccable coaching, and desire to make me be the best at what I love. I had improvement of my form on lifts, along with precise cues, and his sincerity in finding what specifically is gonna work for me to get the results; is why I’ve made the most progress then ever before. Along with his fantastic coaching his programming has been precision to getting the results I’ve attained.”

Char Siedelmann

“I came to Christian because I wanted to learn how to perform powerlifting movements correctly. At 40+ years old I had just started doing squats and deadlifts and had recently done my first powerlifting meet. Christian started me on a program and quickly started fixing my set-ups and movements. He has an incredible ability to see from the videos what’s going on, explains exactly what he is seeing and what I need to do to correct it. About 3 months after Christian started coaching me I did my 2nd meet where I added 90 lbs to my total with all lifts going up.
His passion for coaching and helping people comes thru in everything he does. He loves what he does, but he also possesses the experience, knowledge, and talent to help you reach whatever goals you may have in strength and conditioning.”

Todd Davidson

“Working with Christian Anto as a personal coach, either in person or remote, was a tremendous experience. I’m not an athlete and I’m an older person; Christian took that into consideration but also knew how to get me to realize that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I could ever be. I’m also not the easiest person to work with because I’m pretty headstrong and have been called un-coachable by other trainers. But Christian knew how create a trusting rapport with me to get me to progress in my training. I’m amazed at the body of knowledge that Christian has about the science of strength training but more importantly how well he is able to convey this knowledge in a way that a lay person can understand and use that knowledge.”


Online Coaching

Month to month is available. Price break offered for booking several months in advance. Please read cancellation policy.



Strength Coach & Personal Trainer

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