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My Story.
 My Mission.

My goal in this experience is to NOT MAKE YOU NEED ME! I want you to become stronger than I, safely, to remain healthy in this sport and to learn how you did it along the way!

Christian began his athletic career in high school as a soccer player. He continued his soccer career into college playing for a NJCAA school in Madison, Wisconsin. From there he turned to the weight room to extend his athletic goals and transitioned into studying Human Health Sciences. During his transition, he began working at a private training facility, NBS Fitness, and focused on building people’s strength in Memphis TN. After several months, Christian converted his educational focus to Exercise Sports Sciences where he has earned his bachelor’s degree and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification.

Christian is also a competitive powerlifter who has gained elite totals in three weight classes and stays competitive in the 181-pound class with a 1770 total. He is very passionate about his training and brings that intensity to his clients. Christian has a very technical eye for movement mechanics, particularly when it comes to powerlifting. He currently resides in Highland, Indiana working out of Illinana Power Asylum. Christian is ready to share his knowledge and help clients become strong and healthy while reaching their personal fitness goals.

Strength Training

Some of the styles of training I have utilized with my clients based on need include, but are not limited to: Linear progression, concurrent, conjugate, triphasic training, block periodization, 5-3-1, and many more.


Hypertrophy training revolves around the principles of muscle degradation (breakdown), metabolic stress, and mechanical tension. Utilizing super sets, drops sets, bands chains, machines, barbells, body weight movements, and much more.


All things being equal the better conditioned athlete wins. That is why conditioning is the base of all sports performance. Since every sport has different requirements, the conditioning for them must be adjusted accordingly.


Power Asylum

Illiana Power Asylum is the only gym in Northwest Indiana and South Chicagoland tailored to competition in strength sports.

We have the top Powerlifting equipment and the only Strongman equipment in the area! Illiana Power Asylum is home to some of the area’s best Strongman and Powerlifting athletes.

Did you know Illiana Power Asylum has a powerlifting team? Coached by @elitefts athletes/coaches Julia and Christian Anto! Come be a part of the strongest gym in Northwest Indiana! We have the best equipment around to meet all your training needs!



Strength Coach & Personal Trainer

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