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Strength Training



Bar Wars Wk6 Day3: ALL THE WORK

Repetition Squats then ME deads THEN repetition Deads with a pause?!?!

Bar Wars Wk6 Day2: Duffalo Bar + 1 board

Benching is stable

Bar Wars Wk6 Day1: Cambered bar and chains

I have finally been beaten

Bar Wars Wk5 Day3: repetition + paused Deads

Still working on opening that right hip up and keeping the left foot at a larger angle. The majority of my reps were good, the video shows warm-up and one working set to not be great with a little shift. Other than that we were moving well today. Week 1 Day 3 -...

Bar Wars Wk5 Day2: Incline Duffalo Bar

duffalo bar sucks for everything!

Bar Wars Wk5 Day1: SSb to a box

Well, de-load is over and I wish it wasn't. It took a long time to warm up this morning and I was NOT looking forward to getting bent over at 10 am. You all know it is inevitable, using this bar and going for max effort it will happen or you did not go max effort,...

Bar Wars Wk3 Day3: Repetition Day

As mentioned in the video, been having some issues with shifting while Squatting, rotating while benching, and poor right lat activation and spinal extension on deadlifting. For all of these reasons, I decided to pull speed work and focus on movement patterns under...

Bar Wars WK3 Day2: Banded 1 board

What a day, I am still feeling pain from Monday's Duffalo bar session and it caught up to me. It definitely made me lift a little more scared than I usually do when getting to top sets but did not have pain on Max Effort Movements. The issues started to arise when we...

Bar Wars WK3 Day1: Banded Duffalo

To put this bluntly, I hate this bar. Every time I use it I have some type of ache or pain that arises from me doing some stupid compensation. Today, it was having my hands too far in because of J-hooks trying to take my fingers off which caused me to press the bar up...

Bar Wars Wk2 Day3: Repetition and Banded Death

New approach for me during this meet prep, I am dropping Speed work, yes I said it. I am taking the main staple away from the conjugate system to see what happens, I will be replacing all speed work with reception squat bench and deadlift following Prilipins chart...

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