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Client Testimonials

“I’ve been coached by Christian Anto for about one year at Illiana Power Asylum. In this past year I’ve had the most growth as a strength athlete then in previous years. Hes coached me through two powerlifting meets. In this year I’ve made personal records at meets, and in the gym. I believe because of his impeccable coaching, and desire to make me be the best at what I love. I had improvement of my form on lifts, along with precise cues, and his sincerity in finding what specifically is gonna work for me to get the results; is why I’ve made the most progress then ever before. Along with his fantastic coaching his programming has been precision to getting the results I’ve attained.”

Char Siedelmann

“I came to Christian because I wanted to learn how to perform powerlifting movements correctly. At 40+ years old I had just started doing squats and deadlifts and had recently done my first powerlifting meet. Christian started me on a program and quickly started fixing my set-ups and movements. He has an incredible ability to see from the videos what’s going on, explains exactly what he is seeing and what I need to do to correct it. About 3 months after Christian started coaching me I did my 2nd meet where I added 90 lbs to my total with all lifts going up.

His passion for coaching and helping people comes thru in everything he does. He loves what he does, but he also possesses the experience, knowledge, and talent to help you reach whatever goals you may have in strength and conditioning.”

Todd Davidson

“Working with Christian Anto as a personal coach, either in person or remote, was a tremendous experience. I’m not an athlete and I’m an older person; Christian took that into consideration but also knew how to get me to realize that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I could ever be. I’m also not the easiest person to work with because I’m pretty headstrong and have been called un-coachable by other trainers. But Christian knew how create a trusting rapport with me to get me to progress in my training. I’m amazed at the body of knowledge that Christian has about the science of strength training but more importantly how well he is able to convey this knowledge in a way that a lay person can understand and use that knowledge.”


“For several years now Christian has been my coach and even more importantly a friend. I often recommend his services to anyone that inquired about my training methods, and growth in powerlifting. He is always encouraging me to do better, to get stronger while also working with me through my weaknesses. He doesn’t mind telling you exactly how it is, not sugar coating on when your form needs improvements or what not. Christian has an amazing eye for technical issues and is a top notch coach, in my opinion one of the best there is. I would point anyone interested in the strength/fitness world in Christian’s direction. “

“I had introduced my wife to Chirstian’s wife, Julia, to begin strength training for her next marathon. It was shortly after this, that my wife actually suggested I start to work with Christian. After leaving my CrossFit days behind, I had programmed a mix of Strongman & Powerlifting for myself for well over 2 years. Things went well for a while until I started suffering recurring lower back injuries that began to confound me. After about 6 months with almost as many back pulls, I decided to do what any serious strength athlete should do from the beginning. I hired a coach. Right off the bat, though he’s too humble to admit it, I could tell Christian was a wealth of knowledge. His background in Nursing school definitely gives him a huge advantage with anatomy and knowledge of the body’s mechanical leverages. If you train with him, you’d better come prepared to either ask questions or answer them yourself. The more you can ask him, the better a coach he can be for you. No question is cut & dry with Christian and that’s a great thing. He either wants to get to the root of why you ask something, or gives you a multitude of answers to help further your understanding. Much like exercises, Christian understands that all cues are great, but not all cues are great for everybody. He will explain things to you in as many ways as he can until it finally clicks for you. Some things I understood right off the bat, some after the 10th explanation.

Another great thing about Christian is he is as knowledgeable as he is flexible with his programming. Though he is a powerlifter at heart, he made sure to adapt Strongman into my programming to help with some of my goals. There is nothing one-way about Christian. The more feedback you can give him regarding your workouts, the more feedback he will give you in return. For anyone who’s looking to gain strength in the Big 3 lifts, or build a better base of strength for any sport, I cannot recommend him enough!”

“Christian has been my powerlifting coach since October 2018. Prior to that, I did very little physical activity, had only been weight lifting for 2ish months, and didn’t know much of anything about my body. I came into the gym one day, told him I was interesting in powerlifting, and was invited to train with the team he coaches the following day. After my first day, I joined the team knowing I was all in.

Since then, I’ve transitioned off of the team and do personalized programming with Christian. I’ve learned proper technique, have gotten stronger (both physically and mentally), but most importantly I’ve learned about my body. I competed in my first powerlifting meet in May 2019. Throughout the entire day he was there helping me get my mind right, wrapping my wrists, loading my weights warming up, and reminding me of everything I’d learned through the process. I wouldn’t have ever had the confidence to go on the platform if it wasn’t for Christian.

Christian is extremely patient. He asks probing questions to get the information he needs from you. He’s always willing to break down the “why” you’re doing something, and not just tell you what to do. His technical eye is second to none. There will be times I’m doing 5 or 6 things wrong at once (especially when squatting) and he can have me fix 1 thing, that somehow fixes 3 or 4 of the others. Christian can take the most technical bits, and break it down to make sure you understand. He has multiple cues to always help keep you in position and performing the lift properly (can’t tell ya how many I’ve heard him scream “twist” as I’m squatting or deadlifting).

Most of all, Christian is an amazing person as well as a coach. He genuinely cares about people. He’s passionate about powerlifting, but he’s more passionate about helping and passing on knowledge and wisdom. I will forever be grateful that Christian came into my life as both my coach and my friend.”

Casey Boatman

“I met Christian about a year ago at a Barbell basics seminar he was presenting/coaching at. I was at a point in my health journey where it was time to start using free weights again and I needed to relearn proper set up and mechanics (I had suffered a back injury years before and was afraid to just jump back in with out a refresher course). I was currently using machines at my gym but was finding that it just wasn’t enough anymore. Enter Christian. Now mind you I am not a meathead but I do love lifting and my goal was to get stronger and more flexible as I am aging. We hit it off at the seminar and I decided to do a trial run with Christian as my new strength coach. He has been by my side ever since. His passion and dedication are evident at every session we are together. His knowledge of the body and how it works is amazing to me and he freely passes on all this information to me so I can get stronger. And I have gotten stronger. My lifts have improved every session and we are adding weight every session. I’ve added at least a half inch of muscle to my thigh and my bicep/triceps area. I’m dead-lifting and squatting again and when I injured myself I thought those days were over. I have a strong mentor that pushes me harder than I would on my own who understands and supports my goals. And with his help I am reaching them. Hiring Christian was one of the best decisions I have made and I am forever grateful to him for all the gains I have made both physically and emotionally.”


“I think like a lot of lifters who started lifting in the early 2000’s, I “educated” myself through reading article on t-nation, then EliteFTS. I spent years writing my own programs from templates, following generalized programs from well known coaches and having some of those coaches write some of my programs. Of course, a great program does not (on it’s own) guarantee success. You need someone who will LISTEN to you. You need someone who can actually COACH remotely (and in person) and ultimately you want a coach who CARES.

This is what you get when you sign up with Christian. You get a coach who will listen to your goals, customize the approach to you specifically, LEARN and CARE about YOUR success. His excitement about your success (even if it’s small) is infectious. His desire to insure that the direction is clear is insatiable. If it isn’t contributing towards your goals, it’ll be replaced with something that will. Need your form critiqued? Best in the biz. The man, his business and the company he keeps can only be described in 2 words: World Class. “

“Christian has been sending me programming and providing online coaching for over a year now. I’m extremely thankful for the time he takes in developing a program that continues to challenge me. His candid and timely feedback regarding technique have helped me develop as a lifter. The squat training/leg training he programs have probably been the most challenging and rewarding workouts I have ever experienced. I cannot recommend working with him enough, he’s a class act and very knowledgeable.”

“Christian Anto is a unique person and an exceptional coach. He’s also a no BS coach as well. I like all those qualities in a coach. Someone to give it to me straight and honest, no holding back. I served 8 years in the Marines and that is what I like and what I respond to best. He is great at critiquing my form and gives great feedback in a timely manner. His programs are the real deal and, for me, they kick my butt. I highly recommend Christian (MohawkMethod) to anyone that is serious about their training.”

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